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"These collaboration programmes bring benefits to all participating parties: students, UK universities, VN universities and the two countries. These foreign programmes studied in Vietnam have lower tuition fees which allows student to continue their Higher Education either in Vietnam or overseas in UK, …..."

Mr Banh Tien Long, Former Deputy Minister of Education

“TEG International College is the only education Institution that were rated all ‘A’s for delivering Edexcel  BTEC HND programmes. I hoped that the Edexcel BTEC HND programmes will bring good opportunities to students to discover and develop their academic knowledge comprehensively”.
Mr. Au Yong Soon Kok, Former SEA Regional Director, Edexcel International, UK.
“I have always dream and wanted to get recognised qualifications from well-known universities overseas. I believe that I am able to obtain quality knowledge and skills from these universities, and that I can successfully re-contribute my services for the development of my country”.
Nguyen Thi Mai Chi – MBA of University of Sunderland, student in Singapore.
“The reputation of BTEC HND and University of Sunderland are well known. Thanks to the high quality programmes with dedicated professional and experienced lecturers – whom passionately educating, sharing and guiding us on real case studies. I have learned and greatly improved my knowledge especially in the field of Business Administration. It provided me with a strong foundation to join the real business circles with confidence. Thanks so much for providing a very good quality MBA programme”.
Tran Thi Bich Nhi- MBA of University of Sunderland
Assistant Director, Nha Dat Company.
“I have chosen University of Sunderland to pursue my MBA study is because of the good International Recognition and Reputation. The accredited programme is well-designed and taught to me via profound professors with both academic and hands-on experience. Without doubt, the programme has provided a true hands-on knowledge that is very valuable and helpful for my career advancement. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who is looking for a good MBA programme in Vietnam”.
Hoang Anh Tuan- MBA of University of Sunderland
General Manager Sales & Marketing, Mercedes Benz,VN.

"I've studied at University of Sunderland for 2 years and I must say that during those periods were among the most memorable time in my life. The programme has provided great opportunity to learn from many dedicated lecturers whom have enlightened me not only on academic knowledge but also with useful and practical lessons for real life. I enjoyed studying here and believed in University of Sunderland Quality Education”.

Nguyen Hong Phuong - Class of 2010, BA (Hons) in Banking and Finance
“Choosing University of Sunderland is a good decision for students in Vietnam after High School graduation. With supports from both lecturers and tutors, students can get to understand better on the studying of concepts as well as to widen their knowledge through exciting class lessons. After having learnt for 2 years, and from my personal point of view, all the courses I have learned helped me built a strong business foundation. Definitely, the University of Sunderland is a good place to study for a better future”.

Vo Van Cong Nguyen –  Class of 2010, BA (Hons) in Business Management


“To have a Quality International Degree is the hope of many Vietnamese students. To make it comes true; I have applied and studied the BBA programme of University of Sunderland in Vietnam. Despite, the challenging periods of study - University of Sunderland programme has provided a very good mix of theoretical and practical learning methods which have helped me to be confident and prepared well for my future to work in a multinational company.

Phan Thanh Luan – Class of 2009, BA (Hons) in Business Management