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Why choose UK


1 . World class education system

United Kingdom maintains a quality management system with high standard in all fields. All educational institutions , including high schools , vocational schools , and universities are under the management of the government in term of quality, student support services, and teaching quality.  Being an international student, you will experience excellent teaching quality and learning facilities. This should be an opportunity for you to pursue your learning passion and achieve qualifications which are well respected by academics and employers all over the world.

2 . Numerous learning opportunities

With more than 3,000 educational institutions , the United Kingdom gives you the chance to choose a course that match with your ambition, interest and situation. Even if you want to have a UK academic qualification but you are unable to go to the UK to study , you can take a distance learning course or joint training programme.

3 . Course duration is shorter

One of the outstanding advantages of UK education is course duration. Most of  undergraduate programmes take 3 years and master programmes take only 1 year.  Therefore, you can save both tuition fees and living expenses. That also means you will leave school earlier and begin your career sooner.

4 . Cultural diversity

The UK is a friendly nation. It welcomes people from all countries in the world, all cultures and all faiths. In 2012, there are more than 500,000 international students from 200 countries coming to the UK to study academic programmes and 600,000 students coming to UK to learn English. Being a student in the UK, you will have chance to meet with friends from all over the world and learn about variety of cultures as well.

From UK, you can travel to other European countries on weekend or summer vacation by convenience and cheap means of transportation , such as high-speed trains, ships, cars, and planes. With international student card , you will receive discounts for variety of services when travelling, such as transportation fees, entrance fees to parks, museums, cultural facilities and even food. This will be a great opportunity for you to explore new cultures and civilizations, improve your knowledge in learning and working which will definitely help in your life.

5 . Support for international students

The UK have been welcoming international students from over 200 countries for many decades. It is one of the nation having lowest student dropout rate in the world thanks to a comprehensive support system for international students. This system consists of international offices, international student organizations, social activities, academic support and help services when required .