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Placement procedures

To become an international student in University of Sunderland you need to fulfill the following steps:

Step 1:   Choosing the most suitable course

You need to define your future career. These are some criteria for you to consider: interests, personal capacity, employment opportunities after graduation, financial ability. Based on these criteria you will be able to choose the most suitable course and learning pathway for yourself.

Step 2:   Applying for Letter of Offer from the University

After selecting the most appropriate course, you need to submit your application to University of Sunderland, UK. All information shown on the application form must be truthful and relevant to the university requirements. At this stage, you can also start preparing documents for Visa application.

Step 3:   University of Sunderland Issuance Letter of Offer

If your application is approved, University of Sunderland will send you a Conditional Letter of Offer. You must meet all conditions stated in the Letter of Offer, including tuition fee deposit payment.

Step 4:   University of Sunderland Issuance Confirmation of Acceptance of Study

After meeting all conditions and confirming that you will take the course named in the Conditional Letter of Offer, University of Sunderland University will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance of Study (CAS).

Step 5:   Application for UK Visa

Upon receiving the CAS, the next important step is to apply and submit documents for a UK Visa. The procedure requires thorough and careful preparation to ensure successful application. The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is responsible to consider your UK Visa Application, and the subsequent approval and issuance of the UK Visa before you are allowed to enter the UK.

Step 6:   Pre-Departure Preparation

After receiving your Visa, you need to immediately complete the following necessary procedures such as: confirming accommodation contract; to make arrangement to pay the balance of tuition fee for the first year; booking air ticket; booking airport pick-up service and preparing suitable travel luggage. You also need to be well-prepared about knowing the living and studying environment in the UK so that you are able to adapt quickly to the new surroundings.

Step 7:   Enrollment in the UK

Upon arrival in the UK and as soon as you can, you must report at the University of Sunderland – The Gateway, City Campus to complete the enrollment procedure. Only after completing this process that you will officially become an International Student at University of Sunderland.