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French Combined Subjects - Modern Foreign Languages




3 or 4 years

The addition of a foreign language to your studies will open up a wider range of job opportunities after your time at university. You can choose to spend a third or half of your course on French.

You will need at least a GCSE in French before you start the course. There are different streams depending on whether you have French at GCSE, AS level or A Level.

A popular combination is French and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). This helps you to be internationally mobile with highly transferable skills.

Another popular combination, particularly among people who are considering teaching, is French as a dual combination with a second subject that is part of the national curriculum. After appropriate postgraduate training you could teach either French or the second subject – giving you an edge over other job applicants who are limited to just one subject that they studied at degree level.

You can also combine French with any of the other subjects in the Combined Subjects programme. If you choose French as a dual (rather than minor) combination then it is compulsory to spend a year in a French-speaking country. This means that your course will last for four years.

During your time at Sunderland you will learn at the University’s Language Centre. This comprises a number of language laboratories and up-to-date technology to help you learn with others and on your own.

90% of our language students believe that staff are good at explaining things, according to the National Student Survey. We encourage you to pursue your interest in French culture and language alongside like-minded students and within a supportive environment. Throughout your degree you will have a Personal Tutor who will monitor progress, discuss options and offer appropriate guidance.